Shocking Conversion Ratio of E-Commerce in Social Media

Shocking Conversion Ratio of E-Commerce in Social Media

May 30, 2019 Conversion Ratio CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization E-Commerce Infographic Social Media 0
Shocking Conversion Ratio of e-commerce in Social Media

We got statistics of Conversion Ratio of e-commerce in social media. Here is a detailed study in what is the U.S. consumer actions after discovering a product in a brands social media posts by statista.

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, social media has become one of the leading channels for marketing your brand. And naturally, you want to use it to expand your reach and improve e-commerce conversion rate.

But marketing on social media isn’t as simple as just posting photos of your products. You need to carefully implement proven tactics that will ensure better conversions. And that’s exactly where this post is going to help you.

The Question asked was “What action did you take after discovering a product in a brand’s social media post?” According to the survey results, 44 percent of consumers reported to have purchased the product later online after the discovery period. Only 11 percent of respondents stated to have purchased the item immediately.

After cross-selling or building a brand in social media overtime another 21 percent is getting converted to the customer through a physical store.

Remarketing is traditionally done via mail. Although email marketing is still a vital marketing channel, the average open rate is only about 12%. Instead, directly show the offer or more about the product in a popup with a CTA button. This helps visitors just to tap the button and land in the checkout page.

To conclude the best thing to get better CRO you need to engage with customers and win the trust of your audience. If you are looking for free CRO Consulting please feel free to contact us.


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