How CROI Works

How CROI Works


Embed CROI Javascript

CROI Javascript is similar to Google Analytics script which embeds after the Body of the page is loaded and loads all the relevant Conversion Rate Optimization Tools such as Chat, Popups, Forms, Look & Feel of the above Designs from the CROI Portal.


Design Forms/Popups with Triggers

CROI Portal provides you with Visitor Behavior and based on those parameters you can decide on when to show up your website forms which you have designed from within the CROI Portal. This enables easily qualifying the Visitor based on their behavior and then converting them to Leads.


Grow Leads List

When you crack which Visitor Behavior ends up in maximized qualified Leads and thus converting to Revenue, you can now grow your Leads List tremendously by shaping the traffic or visitor behavior inside the website as well as increase more qualification of the Lead to maximize revenue.


Marketing Channel Reports

CROI provides reports on Marketing Channels which provide the maximum conversion which can end up shaping up your investment methodology as well as improve your conversion rate maximizing both your revenue as well as your turnaround according to the relevance of the Lead.

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