How CROI Works

E-Commerce Visitor Engagement With CROI

Embed CROI Javascript

CROI Javascript embeds within your E-Commerce Website, collects Visitor information to be analyzed, used real-time to Convert them as a Lead and to a Customer.

Analyze Visitor Behavior

CROI provides you intricate reports on Visitor Behavior right from when they enter into the Website from details such as Marketing Channel, Pages Visited, Products Viewed, Cart Added & Payment Success.

Add Engagement Triggers

CROI E-Commerce Visitor Engagement Triggers configured based on Visitor Behavior such as Close Tab, Cart Added, Product Viewed 3rd time, Brand or Product Category interest, usage of Coupon Codes, etc.

Visitor to Sales Conversion

CROI E-Commerce Visitor to Sales Conversion which ensures maximum and quality conversion of Visitors based on their Behavior within the E-Commerce websites. Using their own inputs to convert Visitors to Sales.