Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) with Return on Investment (RoI) Reports .

Channel Analysis & RoI Report

A detailed Report on Channels from where the Visitors are sourced and How good they are faring with corresponding Registered Leads. In short, gives you decision on where to invest lot and where to cut back.

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Designer Forms & Custom Triggers

Pre-Built & Custom Forms for all your websites such that you never miss to catch a Visitor and convert them to Leads. Pre-Built and Custom Rules (Triggers) to capture the Visitor at their right moment to become Lead.

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Designer Popups & Custom Triggers

Pre-Built & Custom Popups for all your websites such that you shape up the way the website is used by your Visitor. It is not just to identify the perfect persona of Visitor, but also to qualify the Visitor if he can become a Lead.

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E-Mail Marketing & Automation

Designing your own Marketing funnel to identify the Visitor and show them the way on where to go next. Using Custom Rules and backend marketing automation, help the Visitor/Lead to go further based on our common Goals.

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