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With SOCAmps CROI, we are able to provide Digital Marketers with various content and training. One such initiative is the educational webinars we have run for CRO. Our Founder, Jay provides a fantastic insight into the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Software and the specific needs for a Digital Marketer in evaluating, selecting, using, and squeezing the maximum out of their CRO Software. Not only that, even without using CRO Software How CRO can be achieved with the help of sheet determination, manual analysis along with some free tools to come with Reports which matter to their Customers.

Free Educational Webinar on CRO

The SOCAmps CROI Team organizes Free Educational Webinar for Digital Marketers on CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization. The Need, The What, The Why & The How of CRO inside a Website.

Not only normal Websites, but also specific web applications such as E-Commerce Applications need a specific style of optimizing for conversions.

A typical website uses content, landing pages, Live Chat, Contact Pages, Partner Signups, Testimonials and other such marketing content to enable conversion. With a CRO Software How these steps can be maximized and How essential it is to use CRO to maximize leads are discussed over here.

SOCAmps CROI Demo Webinar

For our potential customers, we would like to showcase our & how it is applicable in their environment by showing our SaaS Product with a test login with real data from our website and across all other websites of different product or services. We will be able to showcase specific features requested by our potential customers such as,

  1. Marketing Channel Analysis
  2. Visitor Analysis
  3. Lead Conversion Reports
  4. E-Commerce Engagement
  5. Live Virtual Agent
  6. Marketing Automation

& Much Much More…

This demo will still be a teaser of all the features available and how they can be used with SOCAmps CROI.

Live Virtual Sales Agent
Conversion Rate Optimization - CRO Software Webinars for Digital Marketers 1
In-Depth Demo

For our Evaluation Customers we schedule specific private demo relevant to their area of expertise and their requests for Reports or features from within our SOCAmps CROI Product. We will be able to provide a lot of in-depth analysis on what went on when developing the feature along with how to use the feature to its maximum advantage. We would also be able to clarify queries from our evaluation customers on the benefits of those features.

Not only that, we would also train the customers with specific techniques and statistics which they can show and tell for their clients to win over potential clients.

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