Conversion Rate Optimization Software Benefits for Digital Marketers

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CRO Software Benefits for Digital Marketers

Web traffic is great. But it shouldn’t be your end goal. Conversions should be. As a digital marketer it can be pretty frustrating if you’re not getting the conversions on your site that you want to see. When you’re getting tons of visitors but they aren’t converting, all of that traffic doesn’t mean much. SOCAmps CROI helps you in converting your visitor traffic to customer. We are listing some of the CRO Software benefits for digital marketers.

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Holistic Visitor Analysis

Real-time Visitor Tracking and history provides with End-to-End Holistic Reports for your Customers. The reports start  from Marketing Channels Performance to Visitors to Visitor Conversion (as Leads) and Lead Conversion to Sales.

Ad Campaign Tracking, Content Marketing Tracking with Referrer tracking, Keyword tracking from search engines – providing a holistic view of what is working and what is not. Not just the Pages but also the Forms and more. A one-stop-shop to analyze what the visitor is doing on your website.

Instant Design Updates

Admit this, it is a pain selling to subtle changes you need in the website to web developer – Now you need not, Forms, Popups, Landing Pages, E-Book Downloads, Subscription everything is under your control now!

Forms, Popups, Offers, Landing Pages, etc., with your own custom design look and feel as well the changes done are propagated instantly to the website through a bunch of push notifications as well as polling methods. Thus providing the most flexible way to do changes to your CRO Tools.

Instant Design Changes
Conversion Rate Optimization Software Benefits for Digital Marketers 2
Capture Visitors at the Right Moment

Whenever a Visitor comes to the website, it is difficult to fathom if they can be converted or not. But with SOCAmps CROI, we can track their behavior in website and pop the Form or Offer or any other engagement tool at the right moment for conversion.

Tracking User Behavior provides us a unique prospect of executing rules based on the user behavior parameters and thus enable showing of popups, forms, offers at the right moment for a particular visitor. Thus enabling maximum conversion from a Visitor to a Lead.

Fully Customizable & Rebrandable

If you prefer to show your Customers your own brand, SOCAmps CROI is fully customizable and re-brandable under your own brand. The Enterprise Plan for CROI provides you the most flexibility in price, scalability and branding.

Not just the branding, we can offer you your own dedicated server with your own domain and maintain the whole server cluster for you with utmost care and perseverance. You can also decide on the upgrade path for your Servers on your own terms.

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