Conversion Rate Optimization Features

conversion rate optimization cro features

Conversion Rate Optimization Features

SOCAmps CROI is bundled with the following Conversion Rate Optimization features that enables web visitor engagement that helps in converting visitor to qualified leads thus improving the overall sales. Our CRO solutions that perform funnel optimization as the main functionality to improve your website. The following features help you to evaluate traffic sources and user engagement on each sections of your website.

socamps croi channel reports

Channel Analysis & RoI Report

A detailed Report on Channels from where the Visitors are sourced and How good they are faring with corresponding Registered Leads. In short, gives you decision on where to invest lot and where to cut back.

We analyze the Visitor Referrer URL and the other relevant Marketing Channel related parameters to identify which Visitor gets converted to a Lead via which marketing channel. This provides us a unique insight into the workings of the Digital Marketing initiatives executed.

As a Digital Marketer you can drill down to which search key word is bringing in the qualified Visitor via the relevant campaign. Also provides valuable insights into the Lead and enables more automation that could be accomplished.

Designer Forms & Custom Triggers

Pre-Built & Custom Forms for all your websites such that you never miss to catch a Visitor and convert them to Leads. Pre-Built and Custom Rules (Triggers) to capture the Visitor at their right moment to become Lead.

Add a form right onto your website with the pre-built fields. The boilerplate forms are simple and enables easier conversion. Newsletter Signup, Contact Us, Website Visitor Feedback are some of the pre-built Forms available.

All forms can be edited such that the style exactly match your website design and look & feel. Define when to show the from and can be revised at anytime without developer assistance. The forms can also be embedded in a page of your choice.

socamps croi Conversion Rate Optimization Features - custom forms and triggers
SOCAmps CROI Conversion Rate Optimization Features - custom popup and trigger feature

Designer Popups & Custom Triggers

Pre-Built & Custom Popups for all your websites such that you shape up the way the website is used by your Visitor. It is not just to identify the perfect persona of Visitor, but also to qualify the Visitor if he can become a Lead.

Decide when to show a popup and trigger it without touching your code. Also have control over where to show (Full page overlay or Subtle on the side). Show the popup by location, traffic source, browser, language, operating system and device (mobile / desktop).

Our simple drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for any marketer to create amazing popups, without the need for design or programming knowledge. Make your pop-up pop with images, videos, HTML and iframes. Embed and customize anything.

E-Mail Marketing & Automation

Designing your own Marketing funnel to identify the Visitor and show them the way on where to go next. Using Custom Rules and backend marketing automation, help the Visitor/Lead to go further based on our common Goals.

We have a Custom workflow manager which allows the user to give the input as data and get the actionable triggers based on the input. Our workflow feature is a powerful tool which decides basic YES or NO to any complex scenarios.

The triggers created are not based on any settings, rather its purely relay on user behaviour. Validate & calculate the form values and store the data in the Pertain Engine™ memory for further workflow.

SOCAmps CROI Email Marketing
croi live virtual agent

Live Virtual Agent

When a visitor comes to your website, it is better to invite him, make a conversation with him  & address his queries before asking his contact details. This is exactly what the Live Virtual Sales Agent is trained to do with your Product/Service knowledge as well as friendly banter.

Starts with a great salutation, some friendly banter and when it gets into the real conversation regarding products and services, we start asking the relevant questions related to Lead Data. Mainly, Company or Customer Name, E-Mail & Phone Number to contact. Also address their business related queries at the same moment.

It is not a Sales Person or a Bot you encounter, you encounter a genuine friend who is looking forward to working with you and addressing your requests. Live Virtual Agents not just improve conversion, moreover they convert the Visitor who is relevant.

Drip Push & E-Mail Campaigns

A Visitor coming to a website is hard work. But when all the efforts to convert that visitor has vanished into thin air, we need to do that extra to convert the person into a Lead or Customer.

Most websites rely on Organic Search Results (SEO), Google/Bing Paid Ads (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.,) to bring in Visitors. They also provide a tool to market to the visitors repeatedly to drive the visitor back to the websites – called Remarketing.

When an external tool can generate remarketing, our own website can also do the same using E-Mail or Push Notifications with Drip Campaigns – to convert them to Paying Customers. This feature is particularly helpful to add more sales to E-Commerce Websites. Drip Campaigns are nothing but sending out E-Mails or Push Notificaitons periodically like 1st day, 3rd day, … such that we can market the visitor to convert to a customer.

drip email push campaigns

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