Conversion Rate Optimization Benefits – Holistic Visitor Analysis

Conversion Rate Optimization Benefits - Holistic Visitor Analysis

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Marketing Channel Reports

When a digital marketers makes a commitment to their customers, it is about bringing maximum visitors to the website. Now, most of the time the Marketing Channels used by the marketers are very honest about the Visitors and their use to the marketers. But there is an inevitable number of click frauds and other type of fraudulent visitors also originate from those same channels. To be more critically informed about these channels, the marketers need the hard data and statistics to back them up. CROI provides just that with an end-to-end holistic analysis of visitors from these marketing channels and how they are fairing inside the website.

Some of the key statistics CROI can throw around are,

  1. Number of Visitors from a Channel, a Campaign from the Channel, a specific initiative etc.,
  2. Number of Sessions invested by the Visitors from a particular Channel
  3. Number of Page Visits as well as their Visitor Behavior within the website
  4. How & When they are getting converted – using existing forms within the website as well as CROI designed Forms/Popups
  5. Which path in the website converts more Visitors to Leads
  6. Last but not the least the Quality of the Leads from the Channel

Empowered by these numbers digital marketers can shape their investment in various channels according to the website, the customer and their needs.

Channel Conversion Ratio

Marketing channels, either organic or paid, bring in visitors in droves. The primary goal of Conversion Rate Optimization Software is to optimize the conversion of Visitors to Leads. The specialty of CROI is to qualify the Visitors whether they will be productive lead and then convert them to Leads. This unique ability is harnessed based on the analysis of conversions and their value over a period of time correlating with the Visitor behavior inside the website. This seems like magic, but with necessary technology this becomes not only a necessity but also possible.

Conversion Ratio is normally a data between converted leads with the number of Visitors garnered by the marketing efforts. Additionally what CROI provides is a clear segregation based on the Marketing Channel (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, E-Mails, SMS, etc.,) which drives that Visitor. Not only that any type of display advertisement embedded within other sites, mobile apps, ad networks, even display ads within other media, etc., can also be tracked. Thus providing one single report and picture of what enhances the number of visitors, their repeat visits, re-marketing based visits to finally conversion to an e-mail or a phone number.

With integration with the CRM or revenue reports, we can even easily track the revenue generated based on a marketing channel. Thus providing not only conversion ratio as just a number, another vital parameter of RoI (Return on Investment) can also be gathered.

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How Visitor Behavior can be Tapped for High Quality Conversion

Most Visitors when they land on a website don’t really know what they ought to do now. To elaborate, a Visitor who comes to your landing page only knows what you say on the landing page about your website. For example, a visitor for a E-Book download page knows only about E-Book and its benefits, nothing else. When he signs up to download E-Book, he doesn’t really signup for newsletters. Simple.

The problem now is, website developers and digital marketers convert a lot of leads through these landing pages. A sales person starts calling them or sending them e-mails regarding all the other solutions, products or services you are offering, it becomes a little odd to them. Where & Why am I getting these e-mails or calls. When he visits the website from the campaign, he thinks nothing of the website – because he only saw E-Book related stuff earlier on the landing page. Now he is confused, browses through and then has a ‘Aha’ moment, he identifies why he is getting the e-mails and calls.

A visitor comes to your site researching about a topic he was interested in using an article you published in your blog or case study which explains in detail about what he was searching for. Now he is a captive audience, then he is still unsure of where to navigate to, but somehow manages to read through some stuff in your website and then searches for your Contact page and signs up his info for your various services. This is how a basic Organic traffic and conversion works.

Now let us take CROI and how it can help you get the organic traffic and lead conversion effect by having the best of both worlds. Instead of an article you put an ad for the interesting topic as ad word – driving him directly to content – not a landing page. Now he is unsure of where to go next. A traffic shaping popup guides him in the right direction. Then he sees a tutorial or how it works video (intuitive and effective). Now he is finally ready to give you his info for your services. An inorganic, but organic way of conversion without intruding into Visitor Behavior, but ensuring a qualified & high quality Lead. That’s what CROI is all about.

On Store Experience for a Visitor

When you enter a departmental store like Walmart, you know what you want to purchase. You search for the right location to identify the product. Then you are shown with enormous amount of varieties and brands to choose from. Now you are confused, you go to an aisle with the famous brand and are browsing, but still unsure of if it is the right thing.

At this juncture a sales person for the brand walks in, he starts a casual conversation with you. Asks how was your day, if it is ok if he tries to help you and asks how he can. Now you know that you can choose to clarify instead of just being on your own, so you choose to talk to him. He seems trustworthy with all the answers about the product as well as he is giving you a warm welcoming feeling with casual banters strewn upon the conversation.

He clarifies some intricate details of the product you have chosen and also selects the best deal you can get on it at that moment with the store. He also suggests something you can add-on to your purchase to make your life easy when you return home and start using it.

Finally within a span of a 10-15 minutes you had a friend who you can turn to for expert advice whenever you have a similar need and you can be reassured he will help you make the right choice.

Chat Bots, Auto Bots, AIs – all have started working on this and have ultimately been not a little more than a fancy Toy. Why is that? It is because they are all focused on providing the best possible response with common NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – while what they should be focused on is the Visitor and the Sales Guy’s knowledge.

At CROI, we exactly understood what was lacking in this industry. So, we are letting the experts train the Live Virtual Agent. It is not an AI, it is not a Bot, it is knowledge of the Sales Guy – who has seen countless Visitors and knows how to sell. When you mix this knowledge with a little bit of NLP based magic, what you finally get is a masterpiece of self-sustainable Live Virtual Agent who actually is interested in Conversions rather than showcasing how cool the bot is.

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