Ask & Ye Shall Get! Conversion is not Voluntary

Ask & Ye Shall Get! Conversion is not Voluntary

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Ask & Ye Shall Get - Conversion is not Voluntary

 Ask, and it shall be given you;

Why Conversion & Asking are Relevant?

Conversion is not Voluntary. Why it is not voluntary, let me come back to that in a moment.

When you build content for your website, do you think about conversion. No, you don’t. When you try marketing the content, do you think about conversion. Yes, you do – but you shouldn’t. Content Marketing is not thinking or trying or getting conversions. Content Marketing is about adding value. We don’t publish our Content Marketing on places like Ads (FB dislikes Ads with Text – lots of Text), Banners (Oh, No! you don’t). You publish Content Marketing where your target audience arrives to get value.

A forum where there is a discussion, you post your Content Marketing thing to add value, provide solution, debate on something more valuable, that is how you do Content Marketing. So when you add value, will you be worried about Conversion. No, you don’t, & you shouldn’t.


Visitor Behavior

A visitor when he visits a website either through content marketing, google search, social media promotion (FB/LinkedIn/Twitter), he comes to get value out of the content. When he searches “washing machines in amby valley” – he is looking for content for sales/service/resale of washing machines in amby valley. When he searches for “how to fix up my motorcycle” – he is looking for just that. So worrying about conversion is not the right way to get going rather than adding value for your target audience. 

The above examples might be B2C, but even B2B companies should embrace the Marketing of their content, their product, their services based on the benefit the customer is going to get.

Now, let us come to the statement, Conversion is not Voluntary. Why?


When is Visitor Conversion is Voluntary?

Now as the visitor browses through the website after reading through his content, which he searched or looking for, now he is posed with some serious questions. What is he going to do now? Either he is going to close the website and go away, or start browsing the other pages, posts, articles – basically content in the website. Now, if he wants to – he can click on Contact Us page, or the Phone Number at the Top or Bottom, click on the Social Media (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn) links at the bottom or any which way you want him to get connected with you. Now this shows he voluntarily gives away his information for you to tap for future.

This is a typical type of conversion, but how much percentage of the visitors do feel to do this. Why do most websites ask for one more step which is in all pages, but hidden in plain sight in obscure places to be the ones where the Visitor Voluntarily gives his information. This type of Voluntary Conversion from websites is downright not what you signed up for. Because your traffic, either organic, paid or word of mouth need not be given a chance to do this voluntarily, but have to be cajoled into.

How? Let us see!!

Now, let us come to the statement, Conversion is not Voluntary. Why?

What do you feel about the Visitor we just talked about, he volunteers or he doesn’t. How many people have you seen volunteer at your school. Rather how much percentage of people. In a crowd of 100 people may be a 2 or 3, if the guys asks for 6 volunteers, then some more people join the cause. I would say only the first 2 or 3 who jumped at the occasion as actual Volunteers, the others were cajoled into joining. That’s the beauty of it. As there was a limit of 6, someone who might have joined, didn’t, so they could have joined, but they didn’t.

That is why Conversion is not voluntary, when you have invested that much money & time, you should not leave conversion to chance and certainly not to the will of specific targeted visitors who you have painfully garnered. Conversion should always be Cajoled, Pushed or simply say Asked.

Let us take the first example again, now let me put it this way – in a crowd of 100 people, you know a certain people who are great at what you want them to volunteer for. So as you announce the need for volunteers, you call out their names and ask them if they could join. Now, you have cajoled them, pushed them to decide – and most probably, they will join (unless there is a serious issue). 

So if you Ask, you shall Receive!

Ask & Ye Shall Get

So now, how do you which Visitors to call out to receive their data. Now here comes the fun part of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) process or what we specifically say in our SOCAmps CROI product – Visitor Behavior Analysis. CROI tracks the visitor the moment he steps inside the website, it knows the Referred Website (Marketing Channel – Google, Social Media, Content Marketing etc.,) and also keeps track of all the pages(rather Visitor interests) he has visited in the past (few minutes to days to weeks etc.,). CROI now provides you a comprehensive Visitor Behavior Analysis, using which you can determine, when to ASK

Sometimes it is based on repeat visits to the website, sometimes it is based on time spent on actually reading the article, sometimes (in online stores) it is the category of product he is browsing through. On all these occasions, if you ask using CROI Forms, Popups, Offers, etc., you can convert an anonymous Visitor to an E-Mail or Phone Number, or in some cases, actual sales via Add To Cart or Buy Now options.

So remember, Ask & Ye Shall Get. Conversion is not Voluntary.


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