5 C’s to Achieve Conversion Goals

5 C’s to Achieve Conversion Goals

June 19, 2019 Conversion Conversion Ratio CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization Tips 0
5 C’s to Achieve Conversion Goals - SOCAmps CROI

Conversion is the ultimate goal of a website. We develop websites meticulously showcasing all our Products and Services. Hence, the best result we could expect is to generate Leads from the Visitors. The first thing to do after creating a spectacular website is to do marketing to increase Visitors. Do more visitors mean more sales? Not really. Visitors like any other human being need a little hand holding to express themselves. While a small number of visitors do contact us through traditional channels (email, phone or Contact Form submission), most just wander off the website. Hence, it is the website’s responsibility to enable Visitors to voluntarily provide their contact info for generating Leads. Let us look into some of the best ways to effect Conversion of the right Visitor.


Get more traffic to the website. Yes, you read it right. Get more traffic to the website. Without traffic we can’t do the Conversion. Recognize that the content is king. Instead of pumping more money on Advertising to get the traffic spend some quality amount (of time & money) on SEO, SEM and prepare the website that is ready to attract the people who are searching for a service or product you deliver.


According to SearchEngineWatch, results on the first page of Google receive 92 percent of all traffic. It might be tough but not impossible to get your page into the google first page results. You may not see the results overnight, but with a robust content marketing strategy you can get that 92 percent of traffic. Content Marketing to the right Community is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website for the long term. Getting quality Visitors means Quality Conversions.


When a visitor lands on your website, reads your homepage and by the time they scroll down to the end of the page, they have just gotten some interest, but not yet to give away their contact info.  Now is the time to capture their attention by navigating them to one page which they might be interested. This kind of manoeuvre is called Traffic Shaping.


A Traffic Shaping Popup generally is a question for which any answer given navigates to the relevant page addressing user preference. Thus, keep on engaging the user, and providing the data he is seeking inside the website. This kind of engagement will not only keep the Visitor on the website, but also converts if handled in the right manner. This type of engagement is used quite frequently on FB NewsFeed, TikTok video feed which feeds on user preference and keeps the visitors engaged.


Now a blind visitor is turned into a potential lead. The foremost thing that has to done is give enough content to educate the lead. Too much of content can lead to higher bounce rates, which is the opposite of user engagement. Use plenty of white space so your content is easy on the eyes and always use readable fonts and text sizes.


Links should have a descriptive anchor text, and they should be specific and relevant to their respective landing pages. For better results, break your content up using relevant and keyword A top-of-funnel visitor might be interested in a free e-book or checklist that helps him or her better understand your industry.


Some of the Visitors might get the exact item they are looking for and ready to purchase. But many of the Visitors will be in a dilemma. They are  just a step away to becoming a potential customer. Hence it is essential to rope them in with the right offer or suggestion (recommendation) to convert them as a customer. Please choose one of the best methodologies to have better user engagement. Also keep on studying and optimizing the website visitor engagement with conversion tools.


Tools such as trigger based Offer Popups, Suggesting the related resources, showing related case studies and testimonials, offer free trial based A/B testing helps in converting the qualified lead to Customer.


The customer journey is a simple life cycle. When people come to your website, they may or may not be ready to make a purchase immediately, that’s alright. The first step of a successful conversion optimization strategy is to think of your marketing as a long-term relationship with your audience.


Create visitor/lead persona and tailor your website to address those audience. Not only that, you should also market the website for the same audience. Remember that, Content is King, if a website doesn’t serve as advertised, the visitor will get frustrated.


When a visitor is live in your website collect relevant user behavior and preference  data as much as you can and track each and every step in your website. When the visitor returns, amuse them with the persona you have created for them when they visited last time. This is guaranteed to provide the highest conversion and also bring within itself Customer Satisfaction.


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