Convert Visitors to Leads to Sales

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) with Return on Investment (RoI) Reports
Unique Approach to Converting Visitors to Leads

Holistic Visitor Analysis

Real-time Visitor Tracking and history provides with End-to-End Holistic Reports for your Customers. The reports start  from Marketing Channels Performance to Visitors to Visitor Conversion (as Leads) and Lead Conversion to Sales.

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Instant Design Updates

Admit this, it is a pain selling to subtle changes you need in the website to web developer – Now you need not, Forms, Popups, Landing Pages, E-Book Downloads, Subscription everything is under your control now!

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Capture the Right Moment

Whenever a Visitor comes to the website, it is difficult to fathom if they can be converted or not. But with SOCAmps CROI, we can track their behavior in website and pop the Form or Offer or any other engagement tool at the right moment for conversion 

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Fully Customizable

If you prefer to show your Customers your own brand, SOCAmps CROI is fully customizable and re-brandable under your own brand. The Enterprise Plan for CROI provides you the most flexibility in price, scalability and branding.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

An Entirely Unique Approach to Visitor Conversion with Customized Forms & Popups and End-to-End RoI Reports

CROI means business, Conversion Rate Optimization with Return on Investment Reports critical for any business website, either Product, Services or E-Commerce converting Visitors to Leads and then to a Closed Sale is one tough nut to crack. If you can achieve this with reports to enhance your Marketing Channel Investment – that is the best you could hope for!


Channel Analysis & RoI Report

A detailed Report on Channels from where the Visitors are sourced and How good they are faring with corresponding Registered Leads. In short, gives you decision on where to invest lot and where to cut back.


Designer Forms & Custom Triggers

Pre-Built & Custom Forms for all your websites such that you never miss to catch a Visitor and convert them to Leads. Pre-Built and Custom Rules (Triggers) to capture the Visitor at their right moment to become Lead.


Designer Popups & Custom Triggers

Pre-Built & Custom Popups for all your websites such that you shape up the way the website is used by your Visitor. It is not just to identify the perfect persona of Visitor, but also to qualify the Visitor if he can become a Lead.


E-Mail Marketing & Automation

Designing your own Marketing funnel to identify the Visitor and show them the way on where to go next. Using Custom Rules and backend marketing automation, help the Visitor/Lead to go further based on our common Goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO Software

How CRO Helps?

CRO helps not only in capturing the right Website Visitor at the right moment, it also provides you which audience are attracted towards the content built inside the website. CRO Tools provide you analytics on what works and what doesn’t, which enables you to invest more on the best content you have already delivered. Also CRO can help in shaping up the traffic into desired content pages such that maximize conversion from your Visitors.

Channel Report

Provides analytics on which marketing channel is effective and efficient.

User Based Triggers

Triggers based on User Behaviour rather than random assumptions.

Forms & Popups

Rightly placed Forms & Popups enhance engagement and fully qualified Leads.

Marketing Automation

Taking time and moving the visitors to funnels and ehhancing their experience.

CRO Software: Channel Analysis & Tracking

Channel Based Visitor Analysis & Tracking

From which Channel a website receives its Visitors. Paid or Organic, how those visitors are obtained – Search Keywords, Ad Campaign Info, Which Demography. Based on the input on the Campaign Details, the Leads generated from those Channels and their relevant Cost of Acquisition Reports. After Leads, following up on the in-built CRM (E-Mail Marketing & Automation) along with 3rd party CRMs to determine how much revenue is generated per Lead. Thus resulting in total RoI Reports along with Channel Expenditure to Revenue Generated. CRM Integration is direct to enable relevant Follow-ups in the right moment. Identifying the Best possible Channels & Increasing throughput of the Website.

Website Goals & Fulfilment

A Website is built to serve the Visitors with Content relevant to their visit. Our website requests a persona of Visitors to come and enjoy the content of our Products & Services. Thus enabling us to showcase our goods for better reach in the market. The Primary Goal of the Website is to generate a very qualified set of leads such that further we can work on selling the Products & Services to the Visitor. Once a Visitor shows interest in our Content, he is automagically taken to Fulfil his objective on visiting our website, ensuring he has gotten all the details and is ready to impart his info on to us. Thus creating a healthy and effective approach to Goals Fulfilment.

CRO Software: Return on Investment

What Our Customers Say

The best way to showcase ourselves is through the words of our customers, our Motto is to Grow along with our Customers – hence our goal is to accomplish what our Customers Need/Want for improving their bottomline.

“I have heard about various Conversion Tools, but I haven’t yet seen one which works with the Digital Marketer to provide an end-to-end solution. CROI has made life easy for us. Now we deploy Landing Pages & Forms in mere minutes instead of weeks/months we had to wait in for the Web Developer to host our recommended changes!”

Agnes Black
Digital marketer @ JOSH TRENDZ

“How we survived till now without Channel Analysis Reports is beyond us. Earlier we used to collect data from GA, Adwords, FB, Twitter and also from our Customers’ Sales teams to come up with numbers which were unsatisfactory as well as not good enough to plan, Now it is just a Login to CROI – Simply the Best!”

Johnny Collins
Business Analyst @ WEN TO Events

“These guys at CROI are simply magicians, we had a particular trouble with one of our sites not loading up CROI Forms, when they figured out the issue – they not only provided a temp workaround, but were quiet quick enough to rollout a fix the issue for the entire cluster of our servers in just a few days – Thanks Guys!”

Danny Winkler
Consultant @ Macabre Marketing

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Our Awesome Team

The Team without whom this product wouldn’t have been possible!

Jay, Jayavasanthan

Founder & CEO

Jay is the Founder of SOCAmps a SaaS initiative of JKL Technologies ( Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Software with RoI Reports has been a passion, SOCAmps CROI Platform is a way to address it.

Helen Jayavasanthan

Co-founder & CFO

Helen is the Co-Founder of SOCAmps CROI. She handles the Finances of the parent company JKL Technologies. Her passion is to enable each and individual to be best they can be. Juggling the multiple responsibilities is one of her multi-faceted personalities

Issac Precious Stephen

Co-Founder & MLS

Issac is a Precious addition to the JKL Technologies Family and has been a vital part of all products and projects initiated and hosted on the Cloud & on various App Stores . His efforts in addressing customer concerns during sales demos is Precious!!

G Subhanandhini


Subhanandhini is a wonderful pick from AVS Engineering College who have started delivering on the promises and potential we encountered during the campus interview. We are glad she is with us in this journey of creating a unique proposition.




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